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Debt consolidation loans

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I’m sure you will have seen adverts on TV and online for debt consolidation loans, which are meant to make it easier for you to handle debt. But could such a loan help you? Is it worthwhile? Fortunately The Salary Calculator can help you find out.

If you have multiple debts, like credit card balances, overdrafts, car loans or store cards, it can be difficult to keep track of them all and to make sure you make the right payment each month. Some of these debts may have high interest rates which mean it will take you even longer to pay them all off. A debt consolidation loan is designed to put all of those debts into one overall debt, with one interest rate, and one monthly payment. If the interest rate is low enough, your total monthly payment can be lower than it was when you were paying separately. How low does that interest rate have to be? The Debt Consolidation Calculator can help you work that out.

Enter the details of your outstanding debts, like the amount you owe and the interest rate you’re paying on each debt. Then choose how quickly you’d like to pay them all off, and click “Go!”. The calculator will work out what your total monthly payment would be if you were to pay them all off individually – and also the overall interest rate you’re paying. This means that if you can get a debt consolidation loan at a lower interest rate, it would save you money each month (please note this does not include any charges the loan company may apply).

There are other things to consider, so before finding and using a debt consolidation loan, talk to an expert advisor.

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