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Bonus pay periods

by Admin

Prompted by a comment from Rob on the original blog post, back from when support for bonus payments was added to The Salary Calculator (original post here), The Salary Calculator has been updated so that you can choose your normal pay period when you enter a bonus. Previously, the calculator assumed that you were paid on a monthly basis, and displayed a normal monthly payslip alongside a payslip including the bonus. Now, you can choose whether you are paid monthly, 4-weekly, 2-weekly or weekly and see a side-by-side comparison of a normal payslip with one including your bonus.

It’s important to note that your employer may not perform their bonus calculations in the same way – sometimes (particularly near the start of the tax year) you may have more tax and NI deducted than predicted by the calculator. Normally these over-deductions are corrected in subsequent payslips.

Head this way for the Salary Calculator with bonus payments!

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