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Bonus payments added!

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As requested by a large number of visitors to the site, The Salary Calculator has been updated to allow you to enter bonus payments. If you might earn a bonus from your employer one month, you can now use the calculator to see what kind of a difference it will make to your payslip that month.

Bonuses are typically paid as a one-off extra on top of your usual salary. Your employer will work out what extra deductions (tax, National Insurance and Student Loan) will be required that tax year because of this extra payment, and will add these on top of your usual deductions for that month. Yes, this unfortunately means that you’ll pay a lot of tax, NI and Student Loan that month (boo!) – but some of your bonus will be left for you to enjoy!

For the purposes of displaying the information The Salary Calculator assumes that your salary is normally paid monthly, and shows you what a bonus month would look like compared to a normal month. Similar calculations will be done by your employer if you are paid weekly. To get started, click here to check out The Salary Calculator with bonus payments.

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