Next week, Chancellor George Osborne will give his budget speech, announcing his plans for taxation and spending for the next 12 months. In the 2012 budget, he is expected to announce measures to help business growth in Britain, such as easier or lower-cost business loans. There will also be plans to increase some taxes, but likely only on the wealthiest in the country. How well this is likely to go down with traditional Tory voters remains to be seen.

All of us will be affected by changes to income tax and National Insurance following his budget speech – as reported in a previous blog post, The Salary Calculator has been updated with the latest budget information to show you how your take home pay will change next month. Get started with The Salary Calculator for the April 2012 budget.

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  1. This website has been immensly useful to me over the years, thank you very much for your help.

  2. Paul on March 20th, 2012

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