As you are probably aware, in June this year the Chancellor announced in his emergency budget that VAT (Value Added Tax) would increase from 17.5% to 20% from the 4th January 2011. This will mean a small increase in the cost of most goods and services, as suppliers will have to increase the price they charge to cover the extra VAT they are having to pay to the Government.

Although a lot of people wait until the January sales before making a large purchase, in some cases you might find that it’s worthwhile to buy before the end of the year so that you only pay the lower 17.5% VAT. However, bear in mind that the amount of VAT increase is only small (a little over 2%) compared to the kind of discounts often offered in January sales.

For large purchases, such as a new car, the VAT increase could lead to a significant increase in price so it is worth checking what the VAT increase means for you. Fortunately, over at our sister site The VAT Calculator we have created a simple tool that shows you how much more something will cost if you buy it after the VAT increase. Just enter the current cost (including VAT) and see what the cost changes to with 20% VAT – try out the 20% VAT comparison calculator.

You can learn more about VAT by reading the information here.

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