Firstly, apologies for the long wait since the last update on the Salary Calculator blog. It’s been a busy summer and now the autumn is keeping me active, too!

However, I have been able to spend some time making minor alterations to the way The Salary Calculator is displayed in some browsers. The original site was built at a time when few computers had widescreen or high-resolution monitors, which is now not the case. When users with widescreen monitors viewed the old layout, bits of the site were displayed very far apart, making it difficult to use.

The new layout is fixed to a width that should be accommodated by almost all browsers, and should provide a better experience to those on widescreen monitors. I would really appreciate any feedback on how the new layout is working for you. At a later date, I’d love to improve the site design further, and to add those extra features you have all asked me for.


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  1. Tell me I am not the only person who believes there are more than 52 weeks in a year.Is anybody happy they are working on 29th February this year for the same amount of money they were paid last year when there was no 29th Feb. I’m not. I have tried to find some support of my search for agreements to my belief. Here is how I see it:-
    There are 365 days each year, except every 4th year there is 366 days in that year which will give us 1461 days (365 x 3 + 366) which is an average of 365.25 days each year (1461 divide by 4. so, 7 days in each week, so divide 365.25 by 7 to find how many weeks in each year (answer is 52.1786)
    Look at it this way, annual salaries are based on amount paid per hour, times hours worked per week, times 52 weeks in a year. A week is 7 days, so its like saying annual salaries are based on 364 days not 365 days.

  2. paul smith on February 8th, 2012

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