With a General Election later this week, it’s time to find out about each of the parties and consider who would best represent you in Westminster. It’s the closest election in many years so it’s very important that we make the effort to have our say in the decision of who will govern us. The economy has been a key election topic for most of us this time around, and each of the parties have a different way of tackling the problems we face. Yes, we have come out of recession but the recovery is not yet complete – the actions of the next government will determine how we go forward from here.

In the Election Comparison Calculator I’ve tried to help show what would happen to your take home pay should we have a change of government. All the details of the calculations performed are underneath the results, explaining what the key differences between the parties are. Of course, your take home pay is not the only thing at stake – all the major parties have put details in their manifestos of how they will make other changes affecting not only your money but other aspects of your life as well.

Over at the BBC they have created a useful election tool called Where they stand. This allows you choose a topic and three parties to compare, and a summary of each party’s manifesto is displayed. You can see at a glance what the major differences are between the parties on the issues you believe are important – be it the Economy, Civil Liberties, Health or Education (amongst others).

Your vote can make a difference, this year more than ever before, so I encourage you to read up about the parties standing in your constituency and vote for who you think would best represent you. See you at the polling station!

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