Free Android app for The Salary Calculator

A brand new app has just been launched on the Android Marketplace which allows you to use The Salary Calculator without being online. The Salary Calculator app allows you to perform salary calculations as you would on the website, but installed on your Android smartphone.

The app supports both annual salary and hourly wage calculations, including income tax, National Insurance and student loan repayments. You can also include overtime, pension contributions and tax codes, and view the results annually, monthly or weekly. It’s up to date with April 2012 data but you can choose previous tax years if you want to compare older rates. What’s more, the app is completely free to use!

Click here to get The Salary Calculator Android app.

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The Salary Calculator goes mobile!

The mobile version of The Salary Calculator has been launched – a smaller version of the take home pay calculator, suitable for smart phones (and hopefully some older phones too) is now available – The Salary Calculator Mobile.

Store this link in your phone for when you need to check calculations and you’re not near a computer or you only have mobile internet. It’s been designed to fit easily onto a mobile screen and be quicker to download than the normal site. If you have any problems or find that it is not displaying correctly on your phone I would be very interested to know the details – please email with details of the phone you are using and the problem you are having.

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